Dimensioning your heater

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Estimate  the required Heating Power

You find here a siple way to estimate the required heating power in Watt for your home. Follow the steps to establish a calculation of the necessary power to be installed .

Volumes to be heated / For each part to measure its volume in cubic meters.

Measure your  room size (length, width and height). Once these elements in hand, multiply: width X length X height = volume in m3 for each room .

The climatic zone / Calculate the required heating power  

To obtain the required heating power  in Watt, multiply the volume of each room  by the average coefficient (watt/m3) of your zone. Example for France: according to the chart below , you live  in zone:


3) The quality of the insulation / Calculate the required heating power to be installed :

The quality of the insulation of your housing plays a significant role in the calculation of the required heating power . The table below gives an estimation based on  the quality of the insulation of your home.


4) The exposure and the type of the room  / Apply a multiplicator  

You determined the average power of heating. Adjust, now, your calculation according to the following parameters. You must:

- withdraw 20% for the rooms surrounded by neighbors who heat;
- withdraw 5 to 10% for rooms located on the south side of your home (great exposure to the sun);
- add 10% for the bathrooms;
- add 5 to 15% for rooms with large windows and outside glass doors or located on the north side of your home (less exposute to the sun).

5) Impact of altitude / Another advantage of radiant infrared heating

The heating by infra-red radiation does need the air to transport the heat. Consequently one does not add a coefficient (approx. 10% per 500 m of altitude) to take in account the altitude of your residence. This coefficient generally applies for a heating by convection which uses the air to transport heat. The DOMO-Sysyems infrared heaters heat by radiation. Their performance does not drop based on the increase in altitude and the lower density of the air.

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