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Description of the study of the Technical University Kaiserslautern you-kaiserslautern

Infra red radiant heating:

advantages in  energy consumption, costs and CO2 output  

Case study of the difference between  Infrared Heating and Gas heating in old residential buildings in real conditions, using comparative measurements .

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern,

Project Management : Dr. Ing. Peter Kosack,
Gottlieb- Daimler-Straße 42,
D-67663 Kaiserslautern
Tel. 49,631,205 2842
Fax: 49 631,205 3730,


Aim of the study:
To check the economic viability and the functional utility of a  radiant infra red heating as a main heating for a residential applications .

Measured object:

Traditional old building for two families with two and a half floors . The 2 apartments are connected by a closed staircase. Since 1993, the building is equipped with a gas heating with separate heating circuits  for each apartment. For the study the apartment on the ground floor is equipped with a infrared heating . The energy consumption of the gas heating is measured by the gas meter. The two heating systems are equipped with a temperature regulation system (thermostats, etc).  Throughout study the temperature and the hygroscopy are measured in the same way in the two apartments, and outside the building .


Winter 2008/2009 for the period from the 16.11.2008 - 30.04.2009

Result of the analysis:

Energy consumption in kWh/m ² and cost of heating in /m ²

Gas heating: Consumption: 187.85 kWh/m ² Cost: 8.17 /m ²

(based on gas prices of : 4,35 cents /kWh)

Infra-red radiant heating (electric): Consumption: 71.21 kWh/m ² Cost: 7.22 /m ²  

(based on  electricity cost of 10,55 cents /kWh) 

Use this link to get a copy of the full study report


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