Cost comparaison

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Instead of being dependent on oil or gas as a heating source why not consider switching to infrared heating with its environmental and health benefits. Continuously increasing energy costs result, to ever greater bills. Our flat and stylish infrared heating panels will enable you to make immediate savings on your heating costs.
Why infrared heating systems help to save money ?
•    Because each room can be heated individually.
•    Because the electricity conversion into heat is almost 100%.
•    Because the heat is only produced where and when it is needed and there are no heat losses through pipe work as in conventional systems.
•    Because the radiant heat is absorbed and stored longer in solid objects, like walls and floors.


 5 different Heating systems in a comparison

Exemaple : . a 3 bedroom house with a living area of 145 m² .



For your hot water requirements we suggest an electric water heater, which only incurs costs when hot water is needed. The most ingenious and cleanest heating solution is the combination of infrared heating system and a photovoltaic system.

Energy Saving Tip :

More than 50% of your energy costs ars swallowed up by your heating system! Here you will find usefull tips on " How to reduce heating costs."

Electricity  -  The energy with a Future

"Only infrared heating systems allow you to heat where you want, when you want and as much as you want in the most efficient way. As an infrared electrical heating system incurs hardly any heat losses when converting electricity into heat, it requires only two thirds to half the energy of a comparable conventional oil or gas fired heating system. Furthermore the consumption of electrical heating systems can be easily monitored by the house-owner which encourages a more economical use of energy. Electrical heating makes sense and saves money."

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