Heating Cost

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How much does it cost to install and run an infrared heating system? 

The calculations below demonstrate how low the initial investment costs of € 2.773 and the annual running costs of € 980,00 or € 4,66 per day for a 3 bedroom appartment can be when heating your home with an innovative infrared heating system. The totals shown are based on a 3 bedroom home with a floor area of 103 m². The calculations in the chart are based on average energy costs of € 0.12 / kWh and a heating period of 8 hours per day over the course of 210 days per year.

Electrically run infrared heating systems are cost effective and environmental friendly.


Note: The costs for the electrical installation is not included in the above calculation.

Our tip: Only heat your rooms when it's really necessary!


Save heating costs during the night and when you are not at home.

For example great energy savings can be made if you reduce the temperature while you are at work.  Some areas, such as bathrooms, only need to be heated when they are occupied.

Our tip: It's cheaper to heat your water locally, there where you need it than to heat it with a central boiler.

It is more cost effective to heat your water local and electrically than to draw hot water pipes from your hot water tank which is fed from the central heating boiler.

By installing local electric water heaters in your bathroom kitchen and toilet you can avoid the heat losses caused by the water being fed through long pipes from the central boiler to the taps as well as heat losses through the large surfaces area of the storage tank. And, remember, pumps, boilers and control systems in conventional, oil-or gas-fired heating systems also require electricity in addition to the heating fuel.

The electrical installation costs of approx. € 1.900 for an infrared heating system is about half of the cost to install a conventional central heating system. All in all you can achieve annual savings of about € 270 to heat the water in a small home with three occupants.

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