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Infrared panel heater DOMO-Systems

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Heating with infrared heater panels - A (r)évolution in modern heating systems.



Wall Panels in Standard white
DOMO-Systems supplies elegant, ultra-slim infrared heating panels which are characterized by their exclusive and stylish design, high quality manufacturing and low power consumption. The heat reflecting rear face of the panels projects almost 100% of the heat it generates into the room. Although very compact (standard format of 90 x 60 x 2.5 cm) and light (4.5 kg) the 600 watt infrared heater panel will provide a pleasant level of warmth in rooms with up to 12 m2 of floor space. The infrared heater panel is an innovative and effective heating system which is becoming increasingly popular.

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DOMO-Systems Group infrared heater panel construction

The panels are treated with a special mineral coating which will further increase their performance without increasing the energy consumption. A 5-point cut-off device which controls the surface temperature of the panels offers protection against any overheating of the system. The gentle radiation of infrared heat should not be confused with aggressive UV radiation. Indeed, the positive effect of infrared heat has found numerous successful applications for multiple treatments. The heating panels require very little space and can be mounted on walls as well as on ceilings; they are CE approved and have been tested by the German TÜV organisation. 


The 2.5 cm thin casing of DOMO-Systems Group ultra-slim infrared panels includes a special multilayer Grahite Carbon and Polimide based unit that produces heat waves at the optimum wavelength. In contrast to conventional (convection) haeters the panels do not heat the air, instead they warm all solid objects within the room such as walls, floor, ceiling, ... but also the human body. Once the solid elements have heated up they return an indirect heat radiation into the room. This is providing a comfortable level of warmth in the whole house. Warm walls also prevent the development of any dampness or mould, which is a reslut of condensatyion. Condensation happens when the warm humid air (21°C) in a room comes in contact with cold walls (15°C). The surface temperature of the DOMO Systems panels can be between 80°C to 110°C; there is no direct danger of burns if touched briefly. Infrared heat has been shown to be also very beneficial for our well being. 


The DOMO-Systems Group infrared radiators use Graphite and carbon fiber layers which are imbedded in Polyimide to transform electrical energy very efficiently into heat. A mineral coating, specially designed guarantees maximum diffusion of heat, while maintaining low power consumption. The infrared heat rays of a wavelength of 5 to 12 microns are mild and should not be confused with UV rays. They have a positive effect on the human body. Radiators are very thin, constructed to be mounted on walls and ceilings. They are CE approved and certified by the German TÜV. The use of multiple heating panels can heat quickly and evenly very large rooms.
We respect the environment: No part of our infrared heater panels contains heavy metals, or PVC, which can be dangerous.
A highly automated manufacturing process and mass production allows us to offer very competitive rates.


miroir 600 watt

Heated Mirrors for Bathrooms  

The DOMO-Systems Group heated mirrors have several advantages. The heating element is incorporated into the mirror and is therefore discret as well as decorative. Also, the safety glass at the front of the unit is splash proof and will not steam up, resulting in a bathroom mirror that is always clear and does not require wiping. The room will warm up within minutes and will begin to feel warm and cosy even at a room temperature of 18°C. The initial investment and running costs are very low. Since there is no wear and tear, there are no maintenance costs to worry about. The heated mirrors are quick and easy to install.


Ceiling Mounted Panels

The greatest vertical distribution of heat can be achieved by mounting our infrared heater panels on the ceiling; this also increases their energy efficiency. A very even radiation of heat onto walls, floors and furniture reduces temperature differences between the ceiling and the floor to as little as 1 to 2°C. Any objects in the room absorb about 85% of the heat and reflect about 15%, thereby raising their own temperature. The objects then transfer their warmth into the colder air following the principles of convection. There is less circulation of air, which limits the movement of particles, dust and bacteria in the air. This is very important to people which are sensitive to dust and bacteria in the air. Although there is no less humidity in rooms heated in this way, the higher temperature of the walls reduces condensation, thereby preventing the development and spread of any mould.


Decorated heating Units / Promotional Display Units with Company Logos / Coloured Panels. 

The standard surface colour of DOMO-Systems Group infrared heaters is white. However the panels can also be produced in a wide variety of colours (use RAL colour chart) or personalised and decorated with images, photos, company logos, etc. according to the customer demands. In order to do this we require a high resolution file (photo, ...) in jpg tiff or pdf format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (approx. 5 megapixels). Please note that colours can appear slightly different on a PC monitor compared to the original printing). The heating panels can also be finished with an enamel coating transforming the heater from a functional feature into something eye-catching and decorative design object. Please remember to ask for a quote before placing orders for specific surface traetements.

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