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Long Infra reds

Solar energy covers a broad spectrum including the infra-red, the visible light, the ultraviolet rays, the X-rays and the gamma rays. Only a small fraction of the solar rays are part of the visible spectrum. Most of solar energy is emitted in the infra-red segment of its spectrum. This band of light is not visible but can be perceived as a heat, as that very pleasant which one feels when one is lengthened on the beach.

In 1800, the astronomer W. Herschel conducted a study in order to discover which part of the solar spectrum (colors of the rainbow) was source of heat. A little by chance, by posing its thermometer apart from the light, William Herschel noticed that it was apart from the visible spectrum that the warming of the objects was most important. He named this invisible radiation calorific ray. Today, we call this natural radiation the infra-red.


In the Sixties of the Japanese researchers starts to develop medical infra-red technology. Since, this country is the example in the use of the infra-reds with a multiplicity of fields of application. Today the Institute of the Infra-reds, composed doctors who dedicate themselves to research on the infra-reds showed the cogency of the therapies containing infra-reds.


We know that the energy of the rays of the sun, the photons, control vital processes. At the man, the photons act as catalysts in the production of sugars, greases and proteins. The photons stimulate the endocrinal system, the metabolism, the enzymatic reactions as well as the activity of the brain.   

  How the infra red influence your  well being ?   

The encyclopedia of science and technology of McGraw-Hill reports that the doctors use infra-red radiant heat to treat the distorsions, tensions, bursites,  arthritis and the muscular pain.

  It is also very effective to relieve the pain and the stiffness related to the age. The muscles which lack oxygen causes a lack of oxygen in all the body. The natural fuels of the body quickly have suddenly missed and the activity ceases painfully.   


Biological and natural heat 

The wavelength of the far infra-red raies (FIR) is related on the growth and the development of the life on ground. It is amongst other things the principal radiation emitted by the human body. The IRL penetrate up to 4 cm in human tissues and put in resonance the molecules. It thus increase the heat and the operation of the metabolism. An exposure to the long IRL tiny room the pain and tiredness. The long infra-red raies penetrate in the skin and generate a heating of the muscles and internal bodies. This reaction of the body allows the dilation of the blood-vessels (vasodilatation) and the increase in blood circulation. This double reaction of the human body makes it possible to clean fabrics by purifying it of accumulated toxins, but also to make them breathe in their bringing oxygen and the nutritive substances which they need.

What is important to understand is how vital this natural light energy is to your health and longevity. You already know that your body is made-up of billions of individual cells. Well, FIR has a direct and positive influence on the functioning of cells. Meaning, if you can improve the metabolic health of individual cells in your body, imagine what the accumulative affect could be?
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