Glass and Ceraimic based Plasma Infrared Heater

Infrared Glass Panel Heaters - Plasma Technology

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haustek - Plasma Technology - The intelligent glass infrared heating system.


Dual AG+ and Néo C++ Technology

The Principle: Silver particles are fixed on the backside of the glass panel. They create a conductive layer which converts the electricity into heat. This conductive layer becomes part of the glass panel and the produced heat is transmitted instantly and without any losses to front side of the infrared heater. In this way, long infrared rays are generated by the silver ions, fixed on the glass, which than becomes itself a resistance. (Patented Dual AG+ technology).

This principle insures also the exceptional longevity of the haustek infrared heater panels. Once the working temperature is reached, the internal regulation system lowers the energy consumption and insures a constant heat transfer to the environment. This energy management system is based on the permanent interaction between temperature sensors and the generator. Based on the Dual AG + technology the heating element of the haustek infrared heaters has an almost unlimited lifetime. The performance and the efficiency of the infrared panels remain constant throughout their operating life.

Interior Design & Elegance

The elegant frameless glass infrared heaters are less than 45 mm thick and integrate perfectly into your interior design. The standard colors are black and white. Optional haustek also offers a multitude of individually decorated panels. A very stylish alternative are the elegant ceramic surfaces which are available in different colors (patented technology). haustek infrared heaters are high tech products with a unique design. They fit perfectly into classical and a contemporary interior designed homes. An eco-friendly, innovative and energy efficient heating system with an elegant design, that inspires more and more people.

« ISO Heat Bath » The isothermal technology

The Dual Ag + technology converts 100% of the electricity into heat, without producing any visible light. The Dual AG + technology heats the panel surface very evenly. This guarantees a homogene temperature distribution in your room. All solid objects absorb the emitted heat rays. Once they have heated up they become themselves a indirect heating source and redistribute comfortable warmth to the whole room.

Infrared heat rays are soft and essential for the development of every human being on earth. They should not be confused with aggressive UV rays. Unlike conventional heaters (convection heaters, or so called convectors) they don’t use the air to transport the heat, but transmit the heat directly by radiation to all solid objects in the room (walls, floor, ceiling furniture and the human body. These bodies then reflect some of that heat to the environment and thus ensure pleasant ambient warmth. The effect of that pleasant warmth can already be felt after a few minutes. Already between 18° - 19° C you feel a warm and cosy heat.



Simple elegancy

Different designs and graphics on glass are optional. Haustek infrared radiant panels are easy to clean. A simple cloth is enough to clean the surface. Due to the innovative technology you avoid dust and grease depositions on the surface. The smooth panel surface is made out of tempered heat resistant glass and is extremly robust. A maximum power of 1300 Watt (nominal) allows to heat large rooms with a single radiator.

Beyond this power haustek offers its Power Line infrared heater models, which go up to 3000 Watt. The Power Line infrared heaters are very powerful. They are specifically designed for large or very high rooms. They develop a surface temperature up to 180°C. For wall installation a minimum height of 1.80 m needs to be respected. They are also well adapted for a ceiling mounting. Fixing them on the ceiling even improves the heat distribution.




Bathroom heaters and Towel dryers

The haustek infrared heater panels are Class II devices. They have an IPX4 protection and comply with the installation requirements in bathrooms. haustek also offers a range of towel dryers with a reduced surface temperature. These models allow both, to dry and preheat your towels and to heat your bathroom comfortably.
Infrared radiant panels do not use the air but infrared radiation to “transport” the heat. Thus the relative humidity of the air remains unchanged, which is an important criteria for a healthy heating system. Instead the infrared heat increases the surface temperature of all solid objects (walls, floor and ceiling) in the room. That reduces the surface condensation, especially in humid and damp rooms. Reduced condensation means reduced moisture and dry walls.
Once the radiant panel mounted, no periodic maintenance is necessary. The installation is extremely simple, which guarantees you a low installation cost!

Quality & Savety

Haustek infrared radiators are based on advanced technology which is patented. The manufacturing, the choice of materials and components complies with highest quality standards. They have a 3 (5) year guarantee. The standard operating temperature of the heater panels is about 95°C. This means that there is no risk of getting burned when touching the surface briefly. When overheated, a safety device shuts the heater automatically off and insures optimum safety.
Infrared heating systems haustek comply with CE, TUV, LVD, EMC, EMF, TÜ and ROHS requirements. There is no risk of electric shocks, fire, or electromagnetic pollution.

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