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Economy, Ecology and Design for your Well-being - All the advantages on a wink of eye!

Economic advantages
The heatings with waves infra-red offer an economic alternative to traditional energies like oil or the gas, whose cost does not cease increasing.  Infra-red radiant radiators - DOMO-Systems Group are very economic with the purchase. Like all heating systems, the infra-red heating has costs of operation, but it is less low than for other types of heating. The installation of a heating system to infra-red waves is very simple and consequently inexpensive! It does not need boiler, of heat pump, system of piping, storage space for fuel, or a chimney. The absence of all parts moving guaranteed an operation without problem and maintenance. It requires neither of regular brushing, nor of maintenance of a burner or a pump. In more its energy efficiency is very high, the time of heating is very short and there are no losses related to the transport of heat. 
Contrary to the convection the infra-red radiation does not degrade air quality and thus reduces the need to air the parts. Nevertheless the energy-saving depends much on a powerful insulation of your dwelling or your professional buildings. From an economic point of view, the use of an infra-red heating proves also very interesting in Building industries Low Consumption (BBC), or for the heating of the separate parts (arranged roofs, or basements,). For the same result of heating, its electricity consumption is appreciably lower than that of an electric heating by convection (= heating appliances which uses the air to heat the part).
Ecological advantages: 
The ecological advantage comes from the energy efficiency from approximately 95% of the radiators with waves infra-red which makes it possible to use the near total of the power consumption for the heating. The output of a heating by convection which heats the ambient air is however only of 50-70%. The infra-red radiators support the biological interactions between the organizations and their natural environment. They are classified low in electromagnetic pollution (IGEF) and absolutely without maintenance. Supplied with green electricity coming from renewable sources, they do not produce any CO2 emission. 

Wellbeing and comfort:  

The infra-red radiation is absorbed directly by the human body. Many knows the effect of the winter vacation. In spite of the cold of the ambient air in the mountains of winter one can benefit from the rays of the hot sun without warm clothing. Today a person passes approximately 80% of the day inside the house, with work, or in transport. The objectives of a dwelling are amongst other things, to protect the man and to get comfort to him. But what wants to say the term comfort in a dwelling? It is especially thermal comfort, then of the conditions related to the temperature.


As this image indicates, there is an ideal zone of comfort which depends on two parameters;
1  ) The temperature of the ambient air
2) The temperature of the surface of the objects (movable, walls, grounds,) who surround us.     
A zone which is overall felt as ideal is towards 19 °C with regard to the temperature of the air and at a temperature of surface of approximately 21 °C. The principle of the chauffge by infra-red radiation and more adapted to reproduce these conditions in your housing.       


The Pharmaceutical Newspaper writes : Since thousands of years, the application of heat is a principle of the physical therapy. Thanks to the improvement of the technical possibilities of the application of the heat of such treatments, in particular the infra-red radiation, are rediscovered today. An indication attends are pains muscular-skeletal. The absence of the air circulation and a constant water content founds a pleasant and healthy climate. These conditions are favorable for the health and a multiplicity of processes of cure: People suffering from rheumatoid polyarthritis, the carriers of contact lenses and asthmatic profit from infra-red pleasant heat in an air dustfree with a stable water content. 


Did you already try, to install an infra red heating?   

With the new ultraflat  heating panels from DOMO-Systems Group  this is easier than you imagine  : To profit from this comfortable heat, it is enough to hang it on the wall like a painting and to connect it to an electrical power supply .
Economic advantages:Les avantages économiques:
Heating with waves infrared gives an economic alternative in classical energies as oil or gas, the cost of which doesn't cease augmenting.   The infrared radiant radiators - Sunswiss is very cheap to buy. As any systems of heating, the infrared heating has an operating cost, but it is lower than for other types of heating. The installation of a system of heating with infrared waves is very simple and as a result not much couteuse ! He doesn't need hot water tank, heat pump, system of piping, of storage space for the fuel, or of a chimney. The absence of any rooms in movement guaranteed a functioning without problem and without maintenance. He requires neither regular chimney-sweeping, nor maintenance of a bruleur or of a pomp. In more its energy output is very high, the time of heating am very short and there a ren't losses linked to the transport of heat. Les chauffages à ondes infrarouge offrent une alternative économique aux énergies classiques comme le pétrole ou le gaz, dont le coût ne cesse d’augmenter. Les radiateurs rayonnants infrarouges - Sunswiss sont très économique à l’achat. Comme tous systèmes de chauffage, le chauffage infrarouge a un coût de fonctionnement, mais il est moins élevé que pour d’autres types de chauffage. L'installation d’un système de chauffage à ondes infrarouges est très simple et par conséquent peu couteuse ! Il n’a pas besoin de chaudière, de pompe à chaleur, de système de tuyauterie, d’espace de stockage pour le combustible, ou d’une cheminée. L’absence de toutes pièces en mouvement garantie un fonctionnement sans problème et sans entretien. Il nécessite ni de ramonage régulier, ni d’entretien d’un bruleur ou d’une pompe. En plus son rendement énergétique est très élevé, le temps d'échauffement est très court et il n’y a pas de pertes liées au transport de la chaleur. 
Contrary to convection infrared radiance doesn't degrade the quality of air and reduces so the need to air rooms. Nevertheless energy economy depends a competitive insulation of your house or your business premises a lot. From an economic point of view, the use of an infrared heating proves to be also very interesting in "Buildings Low Consumption" (BBC), or for the heating of separated rooms (roof spaces, or basements done up). For the same result of heating, its electrical consumption is appreciably less than that of an electrical heating by convection (= heating appliances which uses air to heat the room) .Contrairement à la convection le rayonnement infrarouge ne dégrade pas la qualité de l'air et réduit ainsi le besoin d'aérer les pièces. Néanmoins l’économie énergétique dépend beaucoup d’une isolation performante de votre habitation ou de vos locaux professionnels. D’un point de vue économique, l’utilisation d’un chauffage infrarouge s’avère  également très intéressant dans des "Bâtiments Basse Consommation" (BBC), ou pour le chauffage des pièces séparées (combles, ou  sous-sols aménagés, ...). Pour le même résultat de chauffage, sa consommation électrique est sensiblement inférieur à celle d’un chauffage électrique par convection (= appareils de chauffage qui utilise l'air pour chauffer la pièce).
Ecological advantages:Les avantages écologiques :
Ecological advantage comes from energy output about 95 % of radiators with waves infrared which allows to use the almost totality of the energy used for the heating. The output of a heating by convection which heats the ambient air is however only 50-70 %. The infrared radiators support biological correlations between organisms and their natural environment. They are classified poor man in electromagnetic pollution (IGEF) and absolutely without maintenance. Fed by green electricity from renewable sources, they produce no CO2's programme.L'avantage écologique provient du rendement énergétique d’environ 95 % des radiateurs à ondes infrarouge qui permet d’utiliser la quasi-totalité de l’énergie consommée pour le chauffage. Le rendement d’un chauffage par convection qui chauffe l'air ambiant n'est cependant que de 50-70%. Les radiateurs infrarouges soutiennent les interactions biologiques entre les organismes et leur environnement naturel. Ils sont classés pauvre en pollution électromagnétique (IGEF) et absolument sans entretien. Alimentés par de l'électricité verte en provenance de sources renouvelables, ils ne produisent aucune émission de CO2.
Ease and comfort:Bien-être et confort :
Infrared radiance is directly absorbed by the human body. Many people know the effect of winter holiday. In spite of the cold of the ambient air in winter mountains it is possible to use rays of the hot sun without hot clothes. Today a person passes about 80 % days inside the home, at job, or in transport. The objectives of a house are between other one, to protect the man and to give him comfort. But what means the term "comfort" in a house? It is especially about thermal comfort, then about conditions linked to the temperature.
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